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We are the first to admit that an outdoor event is not always straightforward. It takes research, planning, and experience to execute one seamlessly, to account for unforeseen issues and changes in weather. Luckily, as the creator of hundreds of tented weddings and events, we are happy to answer your questions and apply our expertise as your outdoor event specialist.

Tent Lighting

When day gives way to dusk, Sperry Tents give off their trademark glow, which makes for a magical atmosphere (and photos). Our lighting resonates through our translucent sailcloth canopies to dramatic effect.

All of our tent lighting is classic enough to work with different event themes and styles. Bistro strings are enchanting with European flair; copper onion lanterns are traditional with a nod to nautical; Asian lanterns create an elegant, dreamy atmosphere. We can even arrange specialty stage lighting to create a club-like feel for dancing. Whatever your vision, we can make it happen. See our tent lighting choices.

Tent Flooring & Accessories

We complete our tented setups with wood dance floors and flooring as well as stages for live bands. Other vital equipment that we provide includes: the Sperry arch, covered walkways/connectors, fans, heaters, and generators and power cords. View all products.

Please note: Although we rent our signature Sperry Farm Table, we do not provide any other party rentals, such as dining tables, chairs, buffet tables, and tabletop décor. However, we recommend a variety of party rental specialists in the area who are experienced at Sperry Tented events on our Resources page.



As the event industry’s most elegant rental tent, a Sperry Tent is a luxurious option. Every canopy, tent side, and pennant flag is handmade by sister company Sperry Fabric Architecture, and all center poles are milled from spruce logs by founder Steve Sperry. Smaller events for 10-50 guests are typically $1,000+, medium events for 50-100 guests are typically $2,000+, and larger events with 100 guests or more are typically $4,000-10,000+. (Our estimates include tent(s), tent sides, dance floor, lighting, fire safety equipment, permit fees, and travel costs.) Fully flooring a tent is a bigger budget process that ranges from $4,000 to $10,000 and higher for our popular wedding tent sizes (these costs are just for the floor on level ground, not for the tent and other equipment). Contact us with your event specifics and we will create a complimentary quote.

Team Members

When we receive thank you notes and online reviews after an event, we are proud that customers frequently mention the quality of our crews, with specific crew members mentioned by name. That’s because our crews are exceptional at installing our tents efficiently, professionally, and always with courtesy. In fact, many of our sales managers, event coordinators, and crew chiefs have been with us for five years or longer. Read more about our team here.

Permitting & Safety

Every town and city in Southern New England requires a permit for a tent installation of a certain size. Our office is experienced at pulling these required permits for a TBD fee. Also, state fire codes require that a tent must have a certain amount of clearly marked exits, which means that we apply the proper amount of illuminated exit signs and fire extinguishers to all estimates.

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