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Our Luxury Looยฎ restroom trailers are supremely charming and blend effortlessly into a variety of settings. Available in four different sizes; optional add-on packages include twinkle lights on the exterior, customized toiletries, and floral and landscape packages. Contact us for a free estimate.

Luxury Loo Amenity Upgrades

Fully Stocked Medicine Cabinet

Includes first-aid kit, ibuprofen, eye drops, Tums, floss, mints, hand sanitizer, moisturizer, bug spray, suntan lotion, hair spray, lint roller, nail kit, sewing kit, feminine products.

Flower Box Upgrade with Mini Boxwoods

Versus arrival with empty flower boxes

Landscape Package

Boxwood shrubs to help conceal wheel well and trailer hitch.

Mahogany Stair Covers

Versus standard metal stair treads.

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