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Sperry Sailcloth Tents

Sperry Tents are immediately recognizable for their genuine sailcloth canopies, solid wood support poles, and nautical embellishments.

Tent Flooring

Dance the night away on our solid-wood dance floor or consider a fully floored tent for optimum guest comfort.

Tent Lighting

Stay classic or get creative with our lighting options, which include copper onion lanterns, Asian lanterns, and bistro strings.

Tent Accessories

Achieve outdoor event perfection with our practical accessories, from tent sides to covered walkways to generators.

Sperry Arch

The Sperry Arch exemplifies craftsmanship with a classic look and superior aesthetic.

Sperry Dome

Our latest rental product is the Sperry Dome, a truly unique and effortlessly cool event tent.

Sperry Farm Tables

Crafted out of Douglas fir, our farm tables are perfect for more relaxed, family-style dining.

Luxury Loo Restroom Trailers

Charming restroom trailers available in four sizes for luxurious outdoor events.

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