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Area: 3,300 sq. ft.
Perimeter: 256 ft.

Seated Guests, with room for a band and dancing: 140-180
Non-Seated Guests, for cocktails: 250

This tent is another great option for weddings, handling 140-180 guests for dining plus room for dancing. Its unique shape works well for tight fits in backyards, and its row of five center poles allows for a lot of décor creativity.

Just like all of our hand-sewn Sperry Tents, the 32’ x 112’ is crafted from genuine and durable ivory sailcloth. Sailcloth has a soft, natural look and is translucent to event lighting, producing that trademark #sperryglow when day turns into evening.

View the tent dimensions in a PDF — view in a new tab or download to your computer.

Create your own custom layout inside this tent using our free online layout tool.

Sample Layout A:

  • Seating for 176 Guests
  • 12 x 24 ft. Dance Floor
  • (1) 8’ Bar Station
  • (1) Cake Stand
  • (1) Lounge Area
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