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Area: 7,861 sq. ft.
Perimeter: 344 ft.

Seated Guests, with room for a band and dancing: 350-400
Non-Seated Guests, for cocktails: 750

The 66’ x 126’ is one of our largest available tents and is perfect for high-guest-count weddings, corporate gatherings, community events, and charitable fundraisers. Its elegant, sweeping sailcloth canopy is supported by 10 hand-milled wooden center poles and topped by 10 nautical pennant flags. Inside, it is expansive enough to accommodate multiple dining table configurations, generous dance floors, live bands with large sets, and lounge areas. Its sweeping sailcloth canopy is the ultimate blank slate for a range of décor, from garden-style floral chandeliers to European-style bistro strings to colorful projections for late-night dancing.

Just like all of our hand-sewn Sperry Tents, the 66’ x 126’ is crafted from genuine and durable ivory sailcloth. It has a soft, natural look and is translucent to event lighting, producing that trademark #sperryglow when day turns into evening. No one ever forgets an event under a Sperry, large or small.

View the tent dimensions in a PDF — view in a new tab or download to your computer.

Create your own custom layout inside this tent using our free online layout tool.

Sample Layout A:

  • Seating for 384 Guests
  • 28 x 40 ft. Dance Floor
  • 12 x 24 ft. Stage for Live Band
  • (2) 12’ Bar Stations

Sample Layout B:

  • Head Table for 32
  • General Seating for 232 Guests
  • 28 x 40 ft. Dance Floor
  • 12 x 24 ft. Stage for Live Band
  • Lounge Area
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