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Looking for a rental tent or marquee for hire to complement – not detract from – your event decor? Each and every Sperry Tent is a sophisticated, thoughtfully conceived piece of fabric art marked by handcrafted timber support poles and nautical design cues. Our pole tents can accommodate any sized event, from a rehearsal dinner to a cocktail party to a 300+ guest outdoor wedding reception. Please review our vast tent rental inventory and call us for a FREE QUOTE. Your wedding or event will shine in a Sperry tent.

 Already familiar with our tents? Click here for our online tent layout program to design your event.

Blue Sailcloth Available

Area (sq. ft.): 7,861
Perimeter (ft.): 344
Max Capacity Seated: 524
Max Capacity Non-Seated: 786
Area (sq. ft.): 6,541
Perimeter (ft.): 304
Max Capacity Seated: 436
Max Capacity Non-Seated: 654
Area (sq. ft.): 5,221
Perimeter (ft.): 264
Max Capacity Seated: 348
Max Capacity Non-Seated: 522
Area (sq. ft.): 3,901
Perimeter (ft.): 204
Max Capacity Seated: 260
Max Capacity Non-Seated: 390
Area (sq. ft.): 5,295
Perimeter (ft.): 302
Max Capacity Seated: 264
Max Capacity Non-Seated: 530
Area (sq. ft.): 4,375
Perimeter (ft.): 262
Max Capacity Seated: 216
Max Capacity Non-Seated: 440
Area (sq. ft.): 3,445
Perimeter (ft.): 222
Max Capacity Seated: 176
Max Capacity Non-Seated: 345
Area (sq. ft.): 2,489
Perimeter (ft.): 182
Max Capacity Seated: 120
Max Capacity Non-Seated: 250
Area (sq. ft.): 1,661
Perimeter (ft.): 144
Max Capacity Seated: 80
Max Capacity Non-Seated: 170
Area (sq. ft.): 2,660
Perimeter (ft.): 216
Max Capacity Seated: 128
Max Capacity Non-Seated: 260
Area (sq. ft.): 2,020
Perimeter (ft.): 176
Max Capacity Seated: 96
Max Capacity Non-Seated: 200
Area (sq. ft.): 1,380
Perimeter (ft.): 136
Max Capacity Seated: 64
Max Capacity Non-Seated: 140

Small Tents

Area (sq. ft.): 934
Perimeter (ft.): 115
Area (sq. ft.): 804
Perimeter (ft.): 100
Area (sq. ft.): 454
Perimeter (ft.): 75
Area (sq. ft.): 201
Perimeter (ft.): 60

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